Lighting the way to your life 'in the flow'

Lighting the way to your life "in the flow"!

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Would you like to wake up each day, wondering what the day might bring - and knowing that life is good, no matter what?

Would you like to feel more comfortable when you're trying something new?

Are you ready to feel more like "you" than you ever have before?

Are you ready to tap into your inner wisdom and learn to masterfully "go with" the divine flow of life?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then you have come to the right place!

My name is Susan Wright and I am thrilled that you have found my company - Beacon Of Life®.

Be sure to check out my new book - Putting Down The Paddles! This inspiring book will guide you through a 30 day program for letting go, listening, and moving forward with grace and ease. Read more at

If you're convinced that there is more to life than your current experience - you're right!  I can help you discover it - experience it - and live it!

I can assist you in releasing your stress, finding your joy, and living life more fully! 

If you are ready to
  • appreciate your uniqueness
  • gain freedom from your "inner resistance"
  • challenge your current beliefs and perceptions
  •  learn to relax, and
  • really begin to live from the heart
then you're in the right place.

You may find assistance by having a personal session with me (Life Coaching or Infusion Of Love™), attending one of my events,  in my writings, or through  radio interviews or YouTube videos. 

So, peruse the pages here and see what resonates with you.  It is my honor to assist.


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Why I do what I do:
I am blessed to be living a life of joy, peace, harmony, love, and prosperity! 

I know that everyone has the power, the knowledge, the knowing, and the higher guidance to help them live amazing lives, and yet not everyone has tapped into that inner-source.

That is where I come in. It is my passion to assist you in remembering what you already know, and assist you in connecting (and learning to trust and follow) the guidance that is uniquely yours.

I live in an "AND" universe, where it is possible to live an unlimited life - where you can have time and money and harmonious relationships and health and joy and more!

To be honest, though, I have chosen to not have everything. I chose to let some things go: things like judgement, lack, limitation, suffering, guilt, shame, and so on. 

I love to watch people who are stepping out of their boxes, jumping out of their ruts, and transforming their lives to lives of fun, joy, peace, and prosperity. I know that these folks are now tapped into their individual source, a source which has no limits.

If I can help you become one of these people, whoo-hoo! Now, that sounds like FUN!

If you are interested in the details of my services, peruse this website or
Contact Me directly.

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Love & Light,
Susan Wright