Lighting the way to your life 'in the flow'

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What IS "Living in the Flow?"
Much of my coaching and teaching references "living in the flow", or "life in the flow".  You may be wondering what I mean by that, so here are some thoughts that should give you a better idea:

I’m sure you know, or have known, someone who can be described as easy-going – someone who just ‘goes with the flow’.  Well, that’s part of living in the flow.  Imagine, if you will, that your life is lived aboard a canoe in a river.  Sometimes the river is smooth and easy-going, sometimes it runs fast, and sometimes you find yourself flying through the rapids hoping that you don’t smash up against a rock.  If you are living in the flow, then you are floating through all stages of the river easily.  

 Living in the flow means going with the flow, allowing the river of life to take you where it will and enjoying the ride.
 For many, this sounds defeatist.  Living in the flow, allowing life to take you wherever, having no control over any of it – what about goals?  What about dreams?  Are we just supposed to give up on everything that we’ve ever worked toward and just sit down and ‘go with the flow’?

 Not exactly.  Living in the flow involves understanding some subtle clues that can make the difference between the life of your dreams and a life of nightmares.  A key understanding is that I know that my preferences, my thoughts, and my energies have some degree of influence on the flow.  Without getting into all of the details here, suffice it to say that the Law of Attraction is always at work and I am constantly mapping out (consciously or unconsciously) where the flow is taking me.

 It may sound a bit contradictory – go with the flow, or create your flow?  Which is it?  Well, it’s both.  I can put forth where I want to go, but then I let the boat flow easily knowing that I am going to arrive where I said that I wanted to go.  I can also tell God and the Universe to “handle it”, and only concern myself with what shows up in front of my boat each day.

 I think that Carly Simon and James Taylor describe it best in “Mockingbird”:

Hear me now and understand

He’s gonna buy me some peace of mind.
And if that peace of mind don’t stay
I’m gonna find myself a better way.
And if that better way ain’t so
I’ll ride with the tide and go with the flow!
And that’s why I keep on shouting in your ear saying
Yeah, yeah, oh, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah!

 For me, “Living in the Flow” means letting my past be my past, accepting life on its own terms, not attempting to change or control other people, seeing the beauty of everything around me, all while knowing that I am more than this body that I inhabit and that everything that I will ever need is provided by the universe.  Whenever I am guided to pick up the oars and paddle, it is simply to steer my boat around an upcoming obstacle.  I am no longer attempting to paddle up stream, against the current.

 “Living in the flow” is different for each person, but the common thread is that those of us living “in the flow” live with the attitude of ‘thriving in peace’, rather than ‘fighting and surviving’.  Life is good when I'm living in the flow!