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How Do I Assist?
As a trained coach, an Ordained Metaphysician with, and an Energy Worker I have a plethora of tools to assist you in achieving the life changes that you desire.  

As a member of the Coachville "Graduate School of Coaching", I continue to learn new coaching methods and techniques.  Whether you are looking for freedom from inner resistance, desiring to play a bigger life game, or searching for the 'perfect' life - I have the skills, tools, and methods to assist you.

In addition to my Coachville training, I have developed and continue to nurture a strong connection to my Higher Self, and I choose to follow the guidance that I are given. This comes through strongly in the services that I offer to my clients.

I offer my unique transformational, energetic, experience called the Infusion of LoveTM.
In addition to this, I offer life-coaching and relationship coaching. As part of my coaching, I may share with you several "tools" that you can use to create a more enjoyable life.  

I am available to speak to small or large groups, but provide most of my assistance via individual client sessions.

I can assist you wherever you happen to live, as much of my work can be done over the phone, via email and/or energetic distance work. Of course, "in person" sessions can be scheduled either at my home in Pahrump, NV or at various locations in Las Vegas, NV.

Contact Us for more information or to make an appointment.

Services Offered:

Infusion of LoveTM
A Transformational Experience

An Infusion of LoveTM is a one-on-one session, either in-person or over the phone that creates a space for love from your higher realms to transform your life.  In other words, an energy healing service to assist quantum transformation, eliminate stress, and assist you to live life more fully.

Imagine yourself being immersed in 'love', having love flow into every cell of your being - transforming your experience of life.

As a channel for love, I act as a conduit for love from your higher realms (the divine). Your openness and willingness for movement and transformation are all that is needed as you welcome in love. Love takes over from there, knowing what will best assist and accommodate you.

What is love? It is energy, frequency, knowledge, information, life force and life source.

It has the power to heal, to transform, to inspire, to teach, and so much more. Love has the power to facilitate your individual evolution to your highest and best self.

For more details, or to purchase a sessionclick here


Life Coaching

Most people are familiar and comfortable with the concept and value of having a coach assist them in their athletic endeavors. A good coach will help them run their best race and play their best game.

Well, life is a game, and I can assist you in playing it fully and enjoying each step of the journey.

I focus on people who are ready to let go of their limitations, look at life from some different perspectives, and most of all, ready to have some fun!

If that sounds like you - then Contact Us for an initial (FREE) consultation to see if you resonate with what I have to offer.

Relationship Coaching

For the past several years, I have enjoyed the most joyous, harmonious relationship that I have ever known. My partner and I have shared love, passion, caring, respect, and lots of fun with each other.

I can share with you what has worked for us, and give you ideas to play with to enhance your personal relationships.

I have found that the tools that assisted me in creating this great romantic relationship also carry over to all of my other relationships. Life is just so good when we love spending time with whomever we happen to spend time with.

If you are currently in a relationship, or if you are looking to attract and create a great relationship - 
Contact Us for more info. or to schedule a (free) consultation.

New!  Digital (email) Coaching!

Do you have a situation in life that would benefit from a fresh perspective?

Have you considered coaching, but don’t want to commit to several sessions?

Would you like to just "run something by" a neutral third party?

Are you super-busy, or in a different time zone, and you feel that your issue could be dealt with via email?

If any of the above calls to you, you'll be happy to hear that I am now offering 'Digital Coaching'

Email me your question, and I will respond (in most cases) within one business day.

Prices for Life & Relationship Coaching:

In-person or Phone: $110/hour (or consider purchasing a Coaching Package for even greater value)
Most coaching sessions take place over the phone and last for 1/2 hour.
Since consistency brings greater results, most of my clients schedule Weekly sessions.

Digital (email) Coaching:  $25 per emailed question.

1/2 Hour Coaching - Phone Session
Digital (email) Coaching


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