Lighting the way to your life 'in the flow'

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What is an "Infusion of Love™"?

In short:  Infusion of Love™ provides in-person, or long-distance (phone session) energy healing services to assist quantum transformation, eliminate stress, and assist you to live life more fully.

The Details:

One day my higher levels told me to offer a service, and to call it an "Infusion of Love™".  "What is that?", I asked.  I was told that I was to do nothing more than set the stage and hold the space, the higher realms (mine & the client's) would do the rest.  We don't talk about any problems you're having (this keeps my mind out of the way), we don't set any intentions (this allows full openness to all-that-is).

Your openness and willingness for movement and transformation are all that is required.  Love takes over from there, knowing what will best assist.  If there is an area of your life where you would like to see some movement, or clarity, then you're welcome to keep that in mind and to silently ask your higher levels for assistance. 

So, what happens in a session?

If I'm seeing you in person, I'll ask you to relax in a comfortable reclining chair.  I'll play some nice, relaxing music.  And, if you're OK with being touched - I will hold your hand.  Most people relax and close their eyes.  While you're relaxing, I am allowing whatever energy, vibration, color, etc. that your higher levels send to flow through (allowing the love to flow).  I've noticed that sometimes one of my hands is waving around in the air, moving energies.  I just allow it to do what it does. 

There is no set time frame for a session.  I get a sense of when we're done.  When the session is complete, I'll touch you gently on the shoulder and tell you that "you can come back now" (so far, everyone has either fallen asleep or gone into a sort of deep meditative state).

Sometimes I receive a message for you.  When I do, I wait until the session is complete and you are fully "back in the room" before I deliver the message.

If this is a phone session:
I'll schedule a time for the session, and ask that you are prepared before you call us.  Pick a place and time where you'll be undisturbed for at least 45 minutes to an hour.  Have some nice music playing, and sit or lie comfortably (in a chair, on your bed).

At the appointment time, call me at the number I provide to you. 
When you call, I'll check to ensure that you're ready for your session and ask that you hang up - and call me back when you feel that we're done.  We don't stay on the line because I don't talk during a session.  There is no need to tie up phone lines and run up long-distance charges.

Once we hang up the phone, I will be sitting with my music and a teddy-bear (as a surrogate).  I then do what I  would do in an in-person session, simply allow the love to flow.  When I feel that the session is complete, I wait for your call.  If you don't call within 15-20 minutes, I'll call you just to check that all is well.

If you schedule a session in the evening, and wish to simply drift off to sleep after the session is complete, just let me know - and call me the next morning.

The amazing thing about the phone sessions is the feedback I've received.  People feel the love, and they know when we're done (so far, I haven't had to call any clients - they've called me).

Infusion of Love - Phone Session
In-Person Session
Phone Session + Bear
Something New - The "Love Bear" (or Monkey, or Dog, etc.)

Last fall, a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer.  I wanted to assist, but couldn't travel to see her as often as I wanted to.  So, I went and bought a teddy-bear.  I did an Infusion of Love™ session with the bear, asked the bear it's name (it was Clarence), and gave it to my friend.  Everyone who held the bear could feel the energy, and my friend told me later that she sleeps with him every night.

So, an idea was born.  I've done several stuffed animals (bears, monkeys, tigers) for clients and friends.  I'm not in the stuffed animal business, so I only charge the cost of a session, and a little extra to cover packing materials, the animal (bought from a local store), and postage.  If you bring your own animal to an in-person session, there is no extra charge.

If you wish to purchase a "love bear" as a gift, I will include a letter similar to the following with the animal.

Sample letter sent with a love bear - can be changed to fit the occasion (Christmas, Birthday,etc.)

Greetings ________,

Hi!  I’m your Love Bear, Theodore.


___________________ wanted to send you some love.  They wanted to send you love not only from them, but from all of the angels, the beings of light, your higher levels, from every source of love that they could tap into.  So, they asked Susan from Beacon Of Life to send you a "love bear".  I've been charged up with love from your higher realms via a process called "Infusion of Love" (there's a brochure here that explains it more).


Susan feels like my name is Theodore – but if you want to call me something different, please do.  I am yours and will answer to whatever name you choose to give me.


I am here for you whenever you desire – whether you “need” some love or not – it is within me, for you, at all times.